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It is easy to become a customer at Finnås Kraftlag SA.

If you do not have an electricity subscription at the moment, we need some information about you:

  • First- and surname
  • Date of birth
  • Mobile number
  • E-mail address
  • The electricity product you wish to buy

For us to register a subscription we need to know:

  • Meter number where you are moving in
  • Meter digit
  • Date of meter reading, when you take over the subscription 
  • The adress of the household you want to order electricity


When we have registered your subscription you will receive an email-confirmation. We expect you to confirm and accept the agreement of the subscription, by responding to the email.

We welcome you as customer to Finnås Kraftlag SA, and you are always welcome to contact us for any questions! 

Below we have explained some of the words and concepts connected to buying electricity:

Electricity consumption

  • Målar = meter
  • Målarnummer /målepunkt-ID = meter-number/
  • Målerstand = meter digit

The meter is a device that sums up your electricity consumption. Each household has a meter and each of them has a unique meter-number. The meter-number must be stated when you report your electricity consumption.

There are two kinds of meters.:
The new kind of meter will automatically read and report your electricity consumption.

If you have the old kind of meter you must check the meter-digits and report this to Finnås Kraftlag.

You report this either by our free phone-number: 800 68 108, or by SMS to number 2258, or by calling our office phone number 53428900. 

You find your meter connected to the fuse-box in your home, or in a cabinet outside your newer house.

By January 2019 all Norwegian households will have installed the kind of meter which automatically reads the consumption.

Information about payment

  • Kostnader = Expenses
  • Forfallsdato = Payment Due Date
  • Betaling = Payment

When you buy electricity from Finnås Kraftlag SA  you receive your first invoice by post.
You then choose if you want to receive your future bills by eFaktura, directly to your online bank, or if you do not make any other choice you will continue to receive it by post.


eFaktura is an electronic billing system which requires that you have an online banking system from a Norwegian bank. To make this you either contact your bank, have your eFaktura-reference number (stated on your invoice) in front of you, and the bank assist you.  If you have a Norwegian bank you can also register the bills from Finnås Kraftlag in a system called AutoGiro, wich automatically pays the bill at the due date. A combination of eFaktura and AvtaleGiro will automatically receive and accept your invoices from Finnås Kraftlag SA, and pay them at due date, the in every month.   
Finnås Kraftlag has no fees for receiving bills, neither for paper invoices or electronic.
The invoice/bill lists different costs; the cost of electricity and the transmission cost, and also broadband services if you have Altibox- TV/Internet/Phone.
The distribution of power

  • Nett = power grid

Power grids distributes electric power to all households in Norway. The companies operating the power grid act as monopolists and are responsible for the distribution of electricity in separate geographic areas. Finnås Kraftlag SA is the local power grid owner in Bømlo.

  • Nettleige = transmission cost/fee

Transmission cost (also called fee) is a cost representing the building and maintaining of the power grid in Norway. All electricity customers has to pay a transmission fee to have electricity delivered to their home. This cost is the same regardless of who electricity company you choose to buy your electricity from.